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Chris Sarcletti

I am an author of three different travel related books, numerous short stories and many short articles about music, travel, food, hiking, health and fitness and nutrition.  Come to See, Live, Eat to expand your horizons, learn something new and be entertained.  

02 About me

I transformed my travel adventures into narratives that educate and amuse.

Weekly Dose of Wisdom

" Make a mistake? Release the guilt, remember the lesson."  

- James Clear

I am a curious person who is often on the lookout for local experiences and often find the time I spend in nature to be the time I treasure the most.  My goal is to inspire my readers to venture out into the world, uncover new destinations, and, above all, keep learning.

03 My Work

My Publications

My books recount my travel experiences over the past 25 years across much of North America and in countries across 6 continents.  

I look for local spots, hidden gems and experiences and my writing includes details you can take with you as you make your own path on your own journeys.  Click the arrows to scroll through my 3 publications and click directly on the particular book you are interested in purchasing or want to find out more about.  

04 Blogs

Broaden your Horizons and Keep Exploring

My Blogs cover numerous topics related to travel, hiking, nature, health and nutrition and fitness.  They are an extension of the stories I've captured in my books and delve into my journeys as well as other topics.  One of those is music.  One of my featured categories is Music and Playlists which features overviews of concerts, concert venues, best song lists and playlists for the perfect setting whether it be a workout, lake weekend or campfire.

Music & Playlists:

Food, Fitness and Health:

Scenic Drives, Hikes and Walks:

Exploring the World, Topic by Topic:

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